We’re Hiring

We are looking for teaching geniuses with an entrepreneurial flair. English fluency required. Additional languages highly appreciated. Competitive package offered.

Send a letter of interest with your cv and detailed transcripts to contact@explorers.school.

Persons with Norwegian teaching authorizations may submit CV’s, degrees, supplemental authorizations and a letter of interest. Foreign teaching applicants must qualify their degrees and teaching authorizations with NOKUT and UDIR, and submit all of the aforementioned documentation.

Parent survey/ Foreldreundersøkelse

The Explorers are now in the phase of collection information from the parents and the people in Stavanger. We’d like to map out where are target group is and approximately how large it is.

Please participate in this survey and help us get some information that we can use to show that this is a school worth having in Stavanger!

Click on the link below to participate in the survey! 🙂